Complaint Choir Documentary at the First Person Arts Salon

Cecelia Smith, who followed the Complaint Choir from its early days of rehearsal, is working on a longer-form documentary about us, and she’ll give us a little preview at the first of the 2009 First Person Arts Salons on February 11th at the Laurie Beechman Cabaret at The University of The Arts Philadelphia Arts Bank–601 S. Broad St.

We’re excited to bring the Salons to this new space and even more so to kick off the season with a Salon featuring the Complaint Choir!  Of course, that’s not all…

Philadelphia Complaint Choir, the Video!

Don Polec’s World on the Philly Complaint Choir

Men were ALSO invited to participate in the city’s first “complaint choir”.

Staged as part of the First Person Arts festival, some 5 dozen city dwellers collected typical urban complaints which were then used as the lyrics for an original choral composition.

The idea of a complaint choir originated in Finland 3 years ago and has since spread throughout the world as a theraputic and fun way to blow off steam in four part harmony. Many complaints revolved around driving and general rudeness, and any sequels would surely not be wanting for new libretto material.

Complaint Choir on Vimby

Thanks to Andrew David Watson for this lovely piece for Vimby:

VIMBY - Complaint Choir

The Philly Complaint Choir has a .ning

If  you are a member of the Philly Complaint Choir, and you didn’t get your .ning invitation, let me know, and I’ll send you one.  Since some of you may have never met one another, this is your chance to introduce yourselves virtually and maybe even organize something for the future!

Any new videos or photos will go up here, but I can add them to the .ning if people want as well.

Early Draft

Lyricist Shelley Spector and composer Evan Solot worked together to produce the Philly Complaint Choir song, but they weren’t always in the same room to do it. This is an early draft of the song performed by a Michael Jackson puppet under the control of Shelley Spector. Oh yeah.

Complaint Choir Lyrics as a Wordle

Complaint Choir singer Jen sent this Wordle along, made from the lyrics of the Complaint Choir song.  You can make your own with any old chunk of text:

Last Night’s Performance

We’ll have a higher quality version available soon!

A Letter from Shelley Spector

Hi Everyone,

You guys are the best complainers, ever. I just want to say thanks to you for your time, enthusiasm and all that you brought and added to the project. I personally have gotten an enormous amount of accolades for the work but want to extend them to you all; you are the choir and really made it happen. I also want to take this time to apologize to the people who stood around me when we sang. I hope my lack of tone did not throw you off. I didn’t mean to sing loud but I lost control with excitement.

First Person and I will keep you posted on things. I expect Cecelia will finish with the video in a month or so (she is also working on the short documentary which will take much longer). Evan and I are in different places as far as ending the project, he hopes to perform again, I think we have finished. However, I have to admit, singing again is really tempting and I like being with you all. We’ll keep you informed.

Take care and again, sincere thanks,